After 10 years working as a learning designer for organisations around the world and across sectors, I can speak on topics including:

  • How do you work with SMEs to develop content that makes a difference?
  • How do you measure the impact of your learning programs?
  • Creating campaigns based on learning science
  • The key to successful blended learning programs
  • Does compliance have to be boring and pointless?

E-Learning Fusion

In 2023, I was invited to Warsaw, Poland, to speak at E-Learning Fusion. My topic? How do we design high-impact digital learning?

The Power Skills Project

In this episode, Assemble You’s Adam Lacey interviewed me about how managers should think about developing their teams.

Leading From The Edge

In this interview with Michelle Parry-Slater, my colleague Gent Ahmetaj and I explore how organisations can define, measure and solve the problems that they face.

The eLearn Podcast

How do you create digital learning experiences that actually work? In this interview with Open LMS’s Ladek, my colleague Ross Dickie and I tackle this question.

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