Ross Garner — About me

I’m Ross Garner, Head of Content and Customs Solutions at Mind Tools and an award-winning learning designer.

For over 10 years I’ve been responsible for creating effective digital learning content, workshops and programmes for organisations around the world.

I started hosting The Mind Tools L&D Podcast in 2016, and in 2019 I was named ‘Learning Designer of the Year’ at the Learning Technologies Awards.

With my friend-and-colleague Ross Dickie, I write the weekly L&D Dispatch newsletter.

And my first novel, Centauri’s Shadow, is available now (UK | US).

If you’d like to discuss anything you find here, or need help with learning design more generally, feel free to get in touch!

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Centauri's Shadow

I’m excited to be able to share that my debut novel, Centauri’s Shadow, is available now on Kindle and paperback. Here’s the info:

‘Eight years ago they sent a single ship to test our defences. Now they’re building an armada.’

Cole grew up in the shadow of grief. Kyoko grew up in the shadow of war. Two pilots, separated by time, set out on parallel journeys to Proxima Centauri. What they find could be the start of something new. What they bring with them could be the end of all we know.


In this sweeping science fiction debut from Ross Garner, readers will find an Earth that is transformed by fear of an imminent invasion; a space station in orbit that acts as a gateway to other worlds; a Martian colony with all of the threat and violence of the Old West; and a distant star where answers can be found.


What is ‘the signal’? A greeting, or a threat?

Order Centauri’s Shadow now from or

Centauri's Shadow book cover, showing a lone astronaut floating in space.

Latest articles

I’m grateful to have been able to write for some of the L&D industry’s most popular websites and magazines.

If you’d be interested in having me write a piece, please get in touch – I’d love to help.

Ross Garner and Gemma Towersey

What we learned from seven years running an L&D podcast

The hosts of The Mind Tools Podcast share their experiences and lessons learned over 370 episodes.

By Gemma Towersey and Ross Garner

The Mind Tools L&D Podcast

Since 2016, I’ve hosted The Mind Tools L&D Podcast with colleagues Ross Dickie, Owen Ferguson, Gemma Towersey and Nahdia Khan.

For us, it’s a fun opportunity to speak to authors, practitioners, consultants and researchers about the topics and insights that are shaping the L&D profession.

I hope that was interesting

Once a week I like to take the dog for a walk and record a short snippet for YouTube.

Whether it’s a reflection on a conversation I’ve had, an article I’ve read, or a podcast I listened to, I hope you’ll find it interesting.

The L&D Dispatch

The L&D Dispatch is a weekly newsletter from me and my Mind Tools colleague, Ross Dickie.

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